OVERVIEW OF RDI PROCESS The design process listed below is organized in such a way that encompasses the majority of projects we work on. That being said, there is always room for customization / unique circumstances in which properties we are working on do not fit the standart process. Below is an overall look of our process in chronological order.

project planning Analyze market, review competitive locations, research city of the project, consider clients' existing portofolio, research preĀ­set brand guidelines (as necessary).

coordination with consultants Kick-off meeting with all consultants involved on the project & client (lead by either client or architect). Receipt and review of base cad drawings as a start to the project.

schematic development Develop & present 3 overall, preliminary schemes to client (colour, theme, etc.) -from which the client will narrow down to one scheme that resonates with them (from which the final scheme is developed in full detail). At this time, conceptual presentation is prepared digitally, outlining the look and feel of the space / project and submitted to brand for design narrative / preliminary review.

final scheme presentation & sample boards Upon conceptual approval by brand, digital presentation boards are developed with all and final specific finishes of the preĀ­determined scheme. The majority of the time electronic boards would be issued & only by request would we do a physical sample board.

Drawings (New-build Conditions)
Using architectural set as a base, we start with space planning and reflected ceiling plans which are shared with consultants for initial start and coordination. We continue with developing our full set of plans as per our typical and pre-set standardized drawings.

Once our drawings are nearly complete, we coordinate with the other project consultants (i.e. Structural, electrical, mechanical, etc.). Finally issuing a full set for client review & sign-off.

After coordination we do final adjusting, cross referencing ff&E legends with materials - this set is then prepared for brand submission & design review.

(Renovation Conditions)
We obtain existing drawings (they are usually an existing pdf or hardcopy that require digitization). Once that is received, it is usually shared with architect to verify existing site conditions. We then organize a site visit to confirm some critical site conditions & accuracy of existing drawings.

Same process follows as the above new-build condition outline .

Design development of ff&e Upon completed drawing set, we develop the project documentation - we develop & selecting finishes, fixtures, furniture - as required by scope.

Using the selected ff&e materials, we issue a full set of specifications - organized by areas of the property (1.e. Lobby, guestrooms, etc.). Each specification also has roi developed "general specification guidelines" - used in the bidding process with suppliers, to ensure quality control in products specified & manufactured.

(Project Documentation)
part of the project documentation is the interior room schedule (i rs) which encompasses the summary from all specifications. Also included is the room matrix (including a floor & room count), bill of quantities (used at the purchasing stage) & budget (should this be required).

(Sample Sets)
sample sets are ordered for the following distribution - 3 total sets: roi, client & brand review. These are labelled in detail following issued specifications, with spec number & description.

Client review & approval process At this stage, completed specification binder & full set of plans is given to the client for review prior to brand submission. This is a final stage for any adjustments & sign-offs are required at this time from the client.

Should the specific project be a non-branded property, this is the final design stage prior to moving to project construction implementation. This is the point where 30 perspectives are developed to showcase the design spaces to all & to make any final adjustments.

Brand Submission Submission to brand is made (following their unique submittal process) for the brand review & approval. This process of approval may require multiple revisions / updates based on the feedback received from the brand reviewer. The client is kept in the loop throughout correspondence with the brand, in order to efficiently receive final approval of the design package.

Construction phase We work with the general contractor i project manager i site supervisor and any other direct trades, to ensure design intent is followed throughout the project, as well as to work through any arising site issues / unforeseen conditions. Any updates or work change orders (design related) are handled with addendums, site instructions, and/or meeting minutes as necessarry.

Purchasing (optional) This stage only begins upon final brand approval (or client only, should there not be a brand involved). The bill if quantity is used to request quotes (RFQ) by multiple sources wherever possible to compare pricing. Should we not be the selected procurement source, we would assist the actual company with reviewing quotes, shop drawings & other details to orchestrate the purchasing. We will review quotes, negotiate on client's behalf & select the suitable contract for each custom developed furniture / millwork element that is designed by roi for the project.

Coordination process Final shop drawing review is completed to ensure work is in accordance with client & brand approved design, an additional consultant (or FF&E installation team) would be hired at this stage, or earlier. Delivery schedule is then developed & coordination begins.

Final installation process of FF&E Upon receipt of deliverable materials & furniture, we oversee the installation process

Site visits & on-site coordination Periodical site visits are performed based on the number of pre-negotiated amount detailed in design service contract. These could be site-walks with trades, attending meetings, etc.

Final styling of property RDI offers a service where final decor & floral pieces can be ordered & delivered to complete the site & prepare it for the opening & professional photography.